This is a stick-up. Give me your money, or your life.

The purpose of business activity is an ethical switch. On, it produces service, with money as a by-product. Off, it is robbery, with service as a by-product. Economically, regarding regressive and progressive, and monetarily speaking, zero does not exist.  Business is wholly, and rigidly contained in three divisions of activity, finance, production, and product.  Regressive economic policy erodes the value of money as it pertains to the purchase of the broad range of basic necessities. Some capital is blown away from the production of human needs. The capital that escapes is toxic, it is used to betray humanity. Regressive economic policy allows money to escape causing damage to at least one of three divisions of business activity.

Three hugely regressive economic policies have been occurring in the USA and elsewhere. This regression has started a chain reaction that, left unchecked, gravely endangers each of the world’s citizens. The three regressive policies are the uneven distribution of access to capital, the percentage based incremental increases in “earnings,” and using the economic system as a casino.

Regarding the uneven access to capital. Wealthy people can borrow more money, and get it cheaper than poorer working people. That allows them an economic advantage for starting businesses. They can buy tools and raw materials. They can hire help and afford transportation. Those are economically progressive. The regressive traits are daunting, however. They tend to monopolize markets, depress wages, pollute resources, lower safety standards, and lower safety considerations. This leaves working people progressively poorer, and increasingly more dependent. These people can borrow very little money, and when they borrow it they pay hugely higher interest than their wealthy counterparts.

Because the number of wealthy people is relatively small, they create huge companies, often with the sole reason of creating more wealth. The expertise regarding product and production is at the bottom of a huge inefficient bureaucratic pyramid. Superiors put steady downward pressure on lower level employees, who are repeatedly punished for the mistakes and inefficiencies of their superiors.

Money is a national resource that denotes fair value. Buying a house for cash is twice or three times as cheap as financing it. The real cost is two or three times the fair value. By  creating artificial imbalances in the monetary system a huge portion of the population is disenfranchised.

As for percentage based earning increases, they increase income disparity, and they decrease economic health. A 10% increase would give a $10,000 earner $1000, a $100,000 earner $10,000…, a $10,000,000 earner a million dollar increase. That increase is spent on trivial items, and monopolistic policies. That takes capital from the production for need, and pipes it to the production for greed, regressive economic policy.

There are four types of spending received into the economic engine. They include money spent on basic needs, money spent on a safety net, money spent on trivial desires, and money spent on the monopolistic hoarding of resources. As the percentage of total capital spent on basic needs and a safety net decreases, a blight on human dignity increases. Every aspect of every human life is dependent on people respectfully helping people, those who are living, those who passed on before us, and those yet to come. Since humans have the ability to alter their environment, and since they share the same small planet, they also have the responsibility to take care of it, and each-other.

The last economy busting policy is the pseudo-business casino (Wall Street). People enter the stock market with one goal, to make easy money. The product, the production, and the business finances are warped to create the appearance of value. Capital resources are moved to the unhealthy areas of the economic pyramid, toward trivial products and the monopolistic hoarding of resources, including money. Increasing numbers of people loose their access to basic needs, and their safety net. These people, victims, get blamed for being an economic burden on society.

Who controls the switch that turns on progressive economic policy? Why does it matter?   Your mother received no wages for the most important job imaginable, raising you. Every person on the face of the earth has a mom. None of them were paid. If they wanted money they needed to get a paying job, or hope that the father of their children would provide a little food, and a roof over their head. They prayed that you, their children, would grow to be smart, strong, and compassionate. But other people had their eyes on you. They taught you to fight enemies that you didn’t know, get money from people you didn’t care about. They taught you that your value was equal to the stuff you owned. Who controls the switch that turns on progressive economic policy? You do. Why does it matter? Go ask your mom.

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