Lord Bottomline

We are bombarded with media that paints self regulated corporations as competitive, visionary institutions that enhance economic well-being, promote national stability, and empower anyone who will give an honest day’s work for an honest days pay. The benefits are being secretly sucked up not allowing enough to trickle down to COWs (Consumers, Owners, Workers). Profit seems healthy, but corporate designers, take no risk while Consumers, workers and ordinary investors are put at risk, and that risk is used to secure power over investor, worker, and consumer pawns.

Corporations eliminate competition by buying competitive technologies and companies. they buy governmental influence and receive preferential treatment using workers as bargaining chips, and the environment as their dumping grounds. Consumers are cheated in a variety of ways, hidden fees and charges, planned obsolescence, ignored safety issues to name but a few.

Current corporations are in competition for huge profits. They pursue them at the peril of their own workers, their own investors, their own customers, the World’s children and ultimately the world’s habitability. This pursuit lures unsuspecting people, organizations, and governments; and it consumes them. Every day that passes reduces the possibility that these monsters will be tamed. The monsters eat each other. The survivors have thicker skin and luring people becomes less necessary because bullying is cheaper. Conflicts of interest arise between these corporations and people chosen to lead other organizations (IE. government, religious organizations, private businesses, health care facilities Educational institutions etc.)

Children are force educated, only to serve the beasts. God help them if they don’t excel. The monsters have voracious appetites for raw materials, and they litter without compunction. Lord Bottom-line, their God, requires all of their activities take place under a veil of secrecy. That veil is in the form of, volumes of undecipherable legalese designed to remove any chance for right and reason to prevail over the interests of Lord Bottom-line. The veil also includes the Media which is fed by these corporations. The media portrays anyone publicly blaming unbridled corporate power, for the conditions that they have clearly created, as being simpleminded. How can ordinary citizens understand the corporate predicament? We should listen to the experts. We know they are experts because they are rich. Stupid people require multiple or punishing jobs, have poor access to health care, their children are educated in schools that copy the corporate model and try to mass produce students who are fodder for the corporate beasts.

The media says its the governments’ fault. The government is torn into factions that believe that the other faction is either immoral, unpatriotic, or both. The corporations grow top heavy and fall. The taxpayers are forced to bail out the corporations, to avoid calamity. Many people worship Lord Bottom-line. L.B. promises heaven on earth to those willing sacrifice the vulnerable, the trusting and those who desire a decent place to raise their families. L.B. uses any good slogan to divert attention from the way he grabs power, by planting and harvesting conflict, and poverty. L.B. promises wealth and opulence to any followers that have certain features, certain talents, and they must be willing to work hard to portray responsibility, liberty, justice, and peace as goals for the crazy, the weak or the undesirable troublemakers.

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