Antinomic Slime and SubEconomic Habitat

Business success is dependent on the integrity of the individuals who operate it. To be successful it must consider its customers, its investors, and the world at large. There, in history, has never been a way to ensure that ethics would guide the decisions of business, the community, or humankind. Additionally, the dilemma has always existed in government and other institutions. They all count on good judgement to serve themselves and all of humanity.

The role of religion has given us a feel for what is good and what is evil, but religions disagree to some degree. And of course, many people are not religious and feel little loyalty to organized religious morays. The historical result, has produced a legacy of war, starvation, and greed inspired political incompetence. There is a way to get business and government to serve humanity. It is less difficult than doing nothing, and ignoring the solution is akin to counting on magic, sorcery, or witchcraft to solve our problems.

Economic forces exist in nature. Economics is the study of that natural force that empowers humans to be happier, more secure, kinder and more competent. Antinomics is the study of the forces that counter economics. Every individual need not suffer the consequences of stepping off a cliff. Gravity is also a natural force, by studying it we learned how to avoid injury and use gravity to our advantage. Antinomics is also a natural force that hurts many. As people try to climb out of the antinomic slime others drag them down. History has put us at the mercy of invisible antinomic forces that we need to study, understand, respect, and conquer.

We actually understand much about antinomics. What it needs is documentation, economic “warning labels” that protect the public from the antinomic abuse that erodes trust, kindness, and competence. Our human capabilities allow us economic control of our environment. Economics is the embodiment of the institutional golden rule. We, as groups of people, should treat all other people as we want to be treated. Antinomics is the force that wants you to think that is stupid. Previous history makes that assumption credible, but we don’t live in the past. We have the opportunity to change Earth from a time bomb to a loving home for our children.

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