And The Winner Is:

And the winner is:

Elections pick people to constitutionally serve the union. The purpose of the election is the betterment, and the durability of the union. The rule of law is constitutionally subservient. The constitution is to reflect the will of its citizens. Many of whom can’t speak, are afraid to speak, or can’t be heard. Additionally uninformed, under informed, or superstitious populations often fail to adequately protect themselves, protect others, or protect the union.

There is constitutional direction, toward a more perfect union. Political behavior can only travel toward betterment. Bad behavior is not politic, unwise. Constitutionally bad behavior is either an error in judgement or illegal. Calling behavior that is not politic political is equating benefit and harm. While the distance underwater can be equated with the distance above, clearly the effect is different.

An election is often referred to as a race. A race has a winner. The winner wins influence and the responsibility to use it constitutionally for the benefit of the people, and the qualitative durability of the union. The winner of every election should be the people. Suitable results constitutionally trend toward a more perfect union. The word race is an unfortunate way to describe an election because disgracefully unconstitutional behavior is often referred to as a win. Bad behavior is given respectability by referring to it as winning. The terminology gives false credence to behavior that is neither politic, nor constitutional.

With the expanding population of the US, How does anyone know whether the constitution is doing its job? When its more than 323 million citizens look to institutional leaders for the answer to that question, they will probably become very confused, and they are likely not to find either a quick answer, or an accurate one. Is the Constitution doing its job?

The Constitution doesn’t have a job. It is a document that clearly scribes the instructions for citizenship and institutional behavior. It has sensors to detect progress, and problems. All 323 million of us have access to many of those sensors, and many people have the ability to install more.

A more perfect union is not a constitutional requirement. It is a mandated direction, toward betterment. These are some questions, constitutional sensors, that reveal progress or problems. The questions that you can answer yes indicate progress. Those that you answer no indicate problems. I will only ask three questions here, but there are many more.

Are vulnerable people adequately cared for and protected?

Is the environment we all share being protected and improved?

Do you feel safe, and confident in the future?

To understand what you hear, and to be heard when you speak you can use constitutional sensors. The preceding questions are just three sensors. Make some of your own. Use your own questions. The constitution can do nothing. You can. Question, listen, and speak. Our future depends on it.

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