The concept of world citizenship is alien to much of the worlds population. Of course, each of us knows only a fraction of what others inherit, of what they experience, or of the blessings they would be capable of bestowing on humankind it they weren’t isolated.

Alienated people tend to respond to their feelings of alienation in one of three ways. They suffer in secret. They migrate, or they fight. Alienation divides humanity against its own environment. It needlessly creates a dangerous, unsatisfying place to live, and pass to new generations.

Alienation destroys the fabric of civilization. War, injustice, and poverty is caused and exacerbated by alienation. The same alienation causes hopelessness, depression, and despair.

Education is a great tool to decrease, or prevent alienation. Unfortunately it is often used for precisely the opposite purpose, to alienate. People feel threatened by people who are different. Education can reduce alienation by increasing the understanding of differences, but education can tend to make people believe that certain people are better because of particular things they know that others don’t. People receive, and prominently display documentation to prove their super humanity, alienating them from the rest of the world.

Education is a direction, not an amount. No matter how much a person knows, the people they communicate with know important things that they don’t. People are ignorant about much that is shared by people they don’t communicate with. Economic and ecological harm is practically absent from the educational discussion. There is a terrible price to humanity for choosing to remain ignorant.

None of the seven billion people who populate Earth is a replica of any other. Diversity is a single trait that we all share. Earth is where we share it. Alienation is an act of cowardice. It is imposed on a people who need acceptance to patch the fabric of civilization that protects humanity from needless harm, harm that is caused by alienation.

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