A Beginning

A Beginning

A fragile ball streaks through the air. The moment it reaches its apogee it begins its fall toward earth. It could not fall sooner because the forces that moved it were not ready for the beginning of its fall. When it was launched, even observers that didn’t know when it was launched were fully aware that it would fall, because thrown balls always go as high as they can before beginning to come down. We have a name for the natural force that makes that ball begin its trajectory toward earth. Many balls were thrown before gravity had a name, but once it had its name, people studied its effect. Those studies spawned much technology, ranging from space exploration to rapid global communication. Beginning the study of gravity began a way to expand human capability. Over a relatively short time. what was previously unimaginable became commonplace.

There is another commonly noticed natural force that needs study. Just as it was in the case of gravity, this force has not been given a name, even though we see its effects every day. We instinctively know that it is important, but we think we understand it because we can see what it does.

Alchemy was once studied as a superstitious shortcut to get rich by turning base metals into gold. The superstitious study ended with disappointment, but some of its tools became the basis of modern science. Alchemy was a superstitious idea, a shortcut to riches. Its purpose was the economic equivalent of bank robbery. Its methodology became science which is a logical method of intellectual exploration that separates nonsense from fact.

Currently there is academic endeavor that is roughly the superstitious equivalent to the alchemy that was practiced for the purpose of intellectually extracting disproportionate power and riches from the environment. Superstitious political divisions fail humanity in a predictable manner. The current political practice, and academic study of Economics is, quite frankly, not economic, and not ecological. Because of its superstitious nature, giving academic credence to a discipline that lacks both discipline, and credibility amounts to educational malpractice. Its practice is economically harmful. It harms the environment that people are forced, by nature, to inhabit. It is the same environment that they share across borders and across generations. The reason they are forced to share it is that nature provided only one. It is an environment that can not be divided without harming its residents, and those who will inhabit it in the future. Humanity has a single body that spans generations. The body of humanity has skin. Humanity’s skin is its environment.

There is a natural economic force, a uniquely human capability that people have to improve their environment and their being by passing knowledge, tools, and culture across geographical and generational boundaries. This force is like a current in history that flows toward human safety and satisfaction. It is strengthened in the absence of conflict, and it provides environmental benefit to humanity.

Conflict reduces the ability of humanity to control its own destiny. It makes a people its own worst enemy, as it lays waste to the lives, of individuals, of groups of people, and ultimately of all people. Conflict is a fight for supremacy over the remains of a dismembered environment that, unless there is a behavioral awakening, will not sustain human satisfaction, human capability, or human existence. The human environment is affected by a force such as the one affecting the travel of the afore mentioned ball. The force goes unnamed, unstudied, and not generally understood.

The ball reaches its apogee. Natures predictable force causes the natural end of its rise, and the beginning of an apparent end to its fragile existence. The ball will fall. The natural laws of nature apply, but it need not crash into the rocky substrate of earth. The study of gravity taught people who studied it, that falling objects could remain falling without crashing into the earth. Most people don’t understand how a falling object can remain as if suspended in space. Nevertheless, they invent new ways to use the technology. For example, understanding the effect of gravity inspired innovation that allowed cell phones to easily communicate over great distances, beyond formerly prohibitive borders, and barriers. People rely on phones to receive education, communication, location, photos, and weather forecasts. Tiny fragile falling balls provide them personal access, and public safety.

Gravity makes the location of the ball mathematically predictable. However the the data streaming to and from the ball are governed by a different naturally existing force. There is no way to predict, forecast, or control the effects of data that streams to the ball and from it without using the natural force of economics that has existed since there were people, and it will exist until there are none.

The natural force needs to be studied. Give it a name. Economics will work, but only if it is not confused with economic superstition. The real study would be predicated on first doing no harm. Human life doesn’t begin at birth. People inherit genes that can be positively identified as having existed generations before their birth. The economy they receive influences who they are. But that economy isn’t static. They have been receiving economic stimulation since before their genes existed, and they will receive it until they draw their last breath. As people mature they contribute to the economy of others, or perhaps they ignorantly steal from it, ignorant, because stealing from the economy is like cutting off your own nose because there is a pimple on it.

The natural economic force is created by human participation. People are not just the results of creation. They are part of it, and they are still creating it. Who they are, and what they become creates greater possibilities for them and those who will follow.

Many people didn’t understand how the natural force of gravity could keep a fragile falling ball from shattering. They didn’t know they could use it to see the big picture, to communicate better, and to learn things that formerly they didn’t even have the capacity to wonder, or dream about. Natural economics is an artistic force that helps people paint a better picture of humanity.

People observe things from a personal perspective. In order to understand the forces of nature, that perspective needs to be universal. Observations from a personal viewpoint can motivate people to behave in ways that are harmful to themselves, to others, to humanity, or to humanity for all generations.

The following are general statements. They are an attempt at the summarization of some of the complexities of academic history. The purpose of the summary is to show a direction. Vain attempts with bad outcomes occur when people try to circumvent reality: Alchemy was a beginning, an endeavor to use intellect to get rich. Science was a beginning endeavoring to use intellect to explore the universe to secure benefit and political power. Economics was a beginning, an effort to use intellect to secure benefit and stabilize local political advantage.

There is a necessity for a new beginning. People need to begin to protect humanity. Humanity is sitting on its own fragile ball. The ball was hurled into space. It apparently already has reached its apogee. It is falling through space. The ball has is formed around Earth. It is the human environment. Gravity is not immediately threatening to the environment. The threat comes from within. The environment is being destroyed by fear, hate, and pomposity. The superstitions of its occupants cloud their judgement. People are being superstitiously distracted from watching where they are going. Road rage and distraction cause chaos on the perilous journey forward on the road to civilization. The journey doesn’t need to end in tragedy. That being said, people can only learn by trying to learn. That has to happen to avoid personal tragedy, public tragedy, and unsurvivable environmental catastrophe.

People need to learn how to serve and protect other people, all other people their neighbors, and those living in other places, other generations, and those who will populate future places, and generations. They do that by protecting the environment they share. They protect it by not harming it.

A new beginning is new because repeating past mistakes is not a beginning, but a middle, or worse the end. Harm has no amount. The unnecessary death of a hundred people is tragic. So is the unnecessary death of one. First do no harm. None means zero. Benefit cannot be achieved by doing harm. Profit from harm is stolen from economy.

If you were a person sitting on the ball that was falling around the world you could see how the use of intellect changed the world. You could see how the quest for power changed the land, the sea, and atmosphere above them. The quest for world domination has made an increasingly more fragile environment that is steadily becoming less habitable. Earth is becoming an ineffective environment for raising children, but it is the only one available. Children’s safety, health, and happiness are not secure, but as you look around, you see no better place to raise them. People live in the environment that is built of them, for them, and by them. The children are stuck here on the earth. More knowledge creates a better environment behaviorally, but only when people endeavor to not to harm it. Harm cannot be avoided by ignorance, and it is prevalent in the presence of superstition.

The future is stuck with the mess that was superstitiously, and intellectually created for it, an environment fraught with war, injustice, poverty and despair. Can’t we start over? We are smart enough to launch probes into space. Can’t we create an environment where our children will grow-up to be safe, happy, healthy, and kind? There are no do-overs. We need a new beginning, one that serves humanity by protecting the environment it shares. A new beginning starts here. It starts now. Ready? Begin.

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