Elements of Democracy

There are three elements of beneficial democracy. It is important to note that democracy is not necessarily an effective or beneficial way to govern or to choose. Elections are said to reflect the will of the people. They seldom do that. The quality of democracy determines its effectiveness. To make it good, people need to try to make it good. Each of its elements need to be clearly present, measurably present. Additionally, progress must be clear, and measurable.

The first element of democracy is education. More isn’t better. Better is more. Better is the unifying direction democracy must travel. Its purpose is betterment. First, do no harm. Voting requires that no one is hurt. Trivializing any harm is educational disfunction. Harm is the dictatorial weapon of choice. It is used to subvert the will of the many, for the power of the few. The entirety of history is a case study of how bad an idea that is for humanity, for future generations, and for the environment they all share. Education is like fire. Use it to cook food, and warm friends, but first be careful not to burn the house down.

The second element of democracy is participation. Participation protects others from harm. Democratic participation is how others protect you. Soothing anxiety, and unifying people carries everyone farther. It makes them happier. Don’t forget that they are protecting you, and counting on you to protect them. It takes 1000 people to build an airplane, but only one to knock it from the sky. While one thousand to one is an astounding ratio, the plane crashed anyway. The strength of democracy is in how well it unifies. Can people safely travel in planes? The vote count is not an accurate measure of democratic participation if there is no unification. We are not on an airplane. We are all on a sphere that is falling through space. It is the only place in the universe that supports our being. People have the ability to make it a much better place for other people to live. Other people have our lives in their hands. Democratic participation increases safety and comfort, but it is most easily measured by charting the receding harm.

The third democratic element is money. In a more perfect world money would not be a democratic element because it would only be spent for unification. The academic fields of education, and economics use money wrong. They are failing to distinguish the difference between harm and benefit. More money is considered better, and so is more education. Neither money or education are beneficial because of their amounts. Only money spent on betterment is better, and only education used for betterment is beneficial.

Democracy is a method of making choices. Good choices are not randomly made. They require careful study, and due diligence. Bad choices are catastrophic, but they are preventable. There is a clear window of opportunity available to assure democratic quality control. Real information, enthusiastic participation, and a monetary system that exclusively funds humanity are the elements that allow democracy, and humankind to succeed.

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